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Quanta Pro

Uncompromised Results

Spectrum First

Welcome to the light that offers more.  More violet, more cyan, more warm white light, more attention to details that make a difference.


  Corals have evolved for light on a reef, it's time your light evolves too.  Expect more and pay less. 

A simple plug-and-play design means you can spend more time reefing and less time guessing what spectrum is best for your corals. 

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Useable PAR

Quanta Pro light bars were designed to cover your needs from Shrooms to Acropora with one simple belief that a blanket of useable PAR is the best way to light a reef tank.  


Quanta Pro has more LED diodes per foot and they are driven at a lower current than the competition.  Phenomenal PAR output and spread combined with efficiency...isn't that what LED lighting should be about? 


Quanta Pro's PAR per dollar cost comes in around 50% lower than other elite lighting options.  Choose your adventure!

Thermal Management

Aluminum is expensive, most manufacturers use as little of it as possible and cool their lights via fans.  Fans can fail, so we instead doubled down on the aluminum to provide great thermal management to keep LED chip temperatures down and efficiency up.   That's how Quanta rolls.

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Power Density

By using more LEDs and more aluminum, Quanta Pro light bars can push more wattage per linear foot.  When you design light from the ground up you can redefine what to expect from a reef light.

Quanta Pro-light bars have the intensity to cover any need.  From hobbyists to aquaculture facilities; these lights will produce results. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Predefined spectrums.  Unmatched spectral blending, coverage, and PAR output.  Simple operation.  Built to last and weatherproof.  Awesome mounting options that are free.  For hobbyist from a hobbyist.  Quanta Pro answers the questions that have gone unanswered.

This is where it all started.  Produce a LED light bar that recreates the spectrum of the famous ATI Blue Plus bulb.  A field of one, the Meso Blue has undergone countless revisions to arrive at this spectrum and spectral blending.  With the strong actinic pop and robust royal blue pop, you get all the positive benefits of the Blue Plus but with far more fluorescence.

Quanta Pro's take on the OG LED light bars that we all love.  Except lets make that spectrum a touch broader to further intensify the pop.  And lets increase PAR output by 50%.  Super crisp and distinctly Quanta Pro.

The reef crest daylight bar is your answer to the perfect single bar solution.  Perfectly balanced spectrum for that crisp AB+ blue spectrum.  You will see actinic and royal blue pop that is rounded out with enhanced cyan and green and finished with neutral white LED's that provide a finishing touch to the balanced light.

A true daylight light bar.  Excellent paired with other light bars or used alone for macroalgae displays or even freshwater planted tanks.  Your fish colors will absolutely stand out.  Corals that best show under daylight will shine with this light.  This light emulates a 10,000k metal halide bulb.

Quanta Pro Specifications

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