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Quanta Product Line Warranty and Return Policy

Before we get started, Mahina Corals aims to please their customers with great service and a great product.  These light bars are designed to give you many years of drama-free operation.  But in the case of a possible warranty claim please continue reading.

Warranty pages generally contain a lot of legal jargon and are not so fun to read.  So here we go!  All Quanta Lights are covered by a warranty.  Please note the differences between the two different product lines.

  • Quanta Pro: 2 years for the LED light bar, 1 year for the LED driver.

  • Quanta: 1 year

Warranty on all products is limited to the repair or replacement of the product, Mahina Corals reserves the right to determine the validity of the claim.  Mahina Corals does not cover personal injury, property loss, or other damages associated with the use of our products. In addition to the above statements; Mahina Corals does not cover issues arising from improper use, acts of nature, electrical surge, power failure, saltwater corrosion/immersion, improper installation, failure of 3-D printed parts obtained via our posted files on our website, or improper maintenance. The warranty covers failures caused by manufacturing issues. Hanging kits are not covered by this warranty. Any items that have been tampered with, opened, or repaired by a third party will void this warranty.


I want everyone to be successful and have an enjoyable reefing experience with the Quanta LED light bar product lineup.  I cannot stress enough that you must mount these lights and LED drivers in a way that they are exposed to normal room temperatures and not enclosed.  Electrical components need to stay cool.  Stuffing your LED drivers into a fully closed cabinet is VERY dangerous and presents a fire risk!!!  They should be kept in an open-air environment where each driver is not touching the next driver.  The max ambient air operating temperature for the Quanta product line is 90F, and 85F for the Quanta Pro product line.  Temperature abuse is very easy to identify and will be strictly enforced. 

Quanta Pro bars are heavy compared to most other LED light bars.  This rugged aluminum construction is what keeps these bars working perfectly without a fan.  But you must understand how to properly support them.  These bars are not meant to be attached to another commercial lighting mount system.  They should be supported independently and the support must be able to handle the weight.  If you do not feel qualified to properly support these lights, please work with a professional to help you install them.

For warranty returns, the owner of the light will ship it back to Mahina Corals at their cost.  The onus is on you to package the light properly, all responsibility for proper shipping is on the owner.  Mahina Corals cannot be held responsible for damaged returned goods.  I advise you to purchase tracking and insurance for your package when returning it.  Mahina Corals will ship the replacement at no cost to you after the issues are determined to be covered under warranty and during the warranty period.

Mahina Corals does not accept the return of properly working light bars unless the box is unopened.  The lights will be shipped back to Mahina Corals at the expense of the buyer to receive a refund.  

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