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My Story


Luca has had aquariums since his 8th birthday when he received a small all-in-one aquarium with a goldfish and bullhead.  When he was 15, Luca started working at a local pet store that specialized in aquariums, fish, and coral.  He worked in the fish room and learned the ins and outs of both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.  Luca kept freshwater tanks all the way through college.  When his first child was born he set up an aquarium for him and sometime around 2016 the aquarium morphed into Luca’s first reef tank.  This tank was more of an experiment to see if he could even keep corals alive.  He continued to upgrade his system and by 2019 the system was over 500 gallons and he set up each tank differently to test out different lighting, flow, tank design, etc.  When the COVID lockdown started, Luca became bored and started building his own LED lights from scratch.  He tested them against products on the market, improved the design, retested, and so on.  By early 2021 his reef system was approaching 1,000 gallons and he had developed lights that were outperforming the standards he tested against, including the most premium lights on the market.  By early 2022 Luca began selling his Quanta lights to the public. 

Luca has a degree from UW-Madison in Chemical Engineering and has worked in manufacturing for 19 years.  He has built an extensive background in lean manufacturing, leadership, quality, equipment reliability, material science, product development, and R&D. All of Luca's passion for reefing and manufacturing have been put into the Quanta product line! 

When Luca isn't working, he loves to spend time with his family.  They love the outdoors, competing in sports, playing with their dog Pearl, and living a healthy lifestyle.  His family is moderately tolerant of his reefing obsession.  Well, except for when he is cleaning out his protein skimmers!

Luca’s motivation to enter the highly competitive reef aquarium lighting market was driven by the desire to offer a simple yet premium light that produces amazing results for a price that the average aquarist could afford.   He went one step further and built these lights to withstand the harsh conditions of an aquaculture facility where cost, performance, and durability are paramount. With a little luck, success, and hard work maybe he will be building lights full time in the near future!

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