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FAQ & Selection Guide

Design Philosophy

Quanta Pro

Simplicity is the core of Quanta Lights, so let’s get started!  The width and depth of your tank matter the most for deciding how many lights you will want.  The light bars have an additive effect, so the more PAR you want the more fixtures you need to add.  I know that is common sense but it's really that easy.  For deeper tanks (over 24” deep) you will need to add extra light to punch down to the lower levels of the tank.  For shallow frag flats (max depth 15”) I am finding you can subtract one light to achieve the results you need.  My target PAR levels for each type of tank are the following:  SPS +450-300 (µmol*m-2*s-1), Mixed Reef 350-200, LPS 200-100, Shrooms and Zoas 150-50.  Some people like to keep their LPS in higher PAR for example so you can follow the guide to achieve the PAR you desire.

Quanta Meso Blue

This light bar is designed to augment the existing lighting for your tank.  With the wide blue/violet spectrum you are sure to see colors you have not seen before!  The light spread will blanket your tank in light and provide your corals with the violet light they are missing from most LED lights on the market.  Each Quanta Meso Blue light will add roughly 50 PAR to an 18” wide tank.   I recommend two light bars on each side of your main light(s) to balance out the tank from front to back.  If your main light is a point source light, these light bars will reduce shadowing and improve the consistency of your light for your corals.  The Quanta light bars are lightweight so they can be attached to your existing light mounting system. Easy to use, great results, budget price; expect more from your light!

Quanta Pro PAR Data 

PAR Measurements to help determine how many lights for your specific needs.  Please note assumptions: the internal aquarium glass is cleaned regularly and your water is filtered with carbon or ozone.   If not, you may observe significantly lower PAR values. 

Two Quanta Pro light bars provide wall-to-wall coverage for softies, zoas, LPS, and even some lower light level SPS corals if kept up high and in the middle.  If you want to keep an entry-level mixed reef this combo will work.  The sweet spot for a two-bar system is a LPS and softie-dominated tank. 

A complete solution for a mixed-reef tank.  Enough PAR in the middle to keep Acropora yet this setup accommodates LPS easily too.  This setup can house softies such as shrooms and zoas however they will need to not be in direct light or place at the bottom of your tank.  For shallow frag tanks, this 3 bar combo will grow Acropora quite nicely.  For an aquaculture facility, this provides the incredible value per sq. ft of grow space. 

If you want to keep an SPS dominated tank, this 4 bar setup provides the maximum value!  The reason the Quanta Product line up exists is to provide hobbyist with a new level of performance at affordable prices.  This is the absolute sweet spot for an Acropora dominated tank, I dare you to find a comparable lighting option that combines the coverage, spectrum, and cost of this setup.  

This setup goes out to all my stick heads!!  Grow Acropora with ease, top to bottom, front to back.  I really like the options when you are using 5 light bars.  This is the setup I have gone with for my personal Quanta Pro Display Tank!!! I like the idea of 3 blue light bars and 2 daylight bars for this set up. 

Quanta Pro Combo Spectrums

Meso Blue and Reef Crest Daylight

This combo will produce the heavy blue light hobbyists love.  From deep violet to cyan we have you covered to produce a natural-looking blue light with enough white light to take away the Windex look, this combo is excellent for SPS, LPS, softie, and mixed reef tanks.  The spectrum closely resembles the AB+ spectrum, a proven winner for all corals.

Meso Blue and Tropic Sun

Developed for people who like a whiter look.  Excellent color rendition and the Quanta trademark wide spectrum violet/blue means serious growth and excellent daylight coral colors.  This is the combo you want for serious growth for your SPS corals!  It is my personal favorite and what is featured in my Quanta Pro showcase tank.

OG Pop and Reef Crest Daylight

With the OG Pop, you have a more traditional blue light bar.  The OG will make these offerings appear more blue and less violet and will emulate the classic LED look.  Corals will pop even with the white light.

OG Pop and Tropic Sun

This light combo hits differently. Crisp white light with some pop is still present.  It has that dreamy reef lagoon balance of blue, cyan, and white light.  With less violet, you lose the actinic pop but gain the heavy blue pop.

Meso Blue and OG Pop

Wanna get weird?  Combine the two blues for non-stop pop and fluorescence.  We almost didn’t test this combo out, however, we liked it so much for blue pop we had to post it.  This light combo is for those who want to emulate the all-blue all the time look.

Tropic Sun and Reef Crest Daylight

Our two daylight light bars combine to form a perfect spectrum for a macroalgae display or if you want a really white look to your tank.  The color rendering index is over 80 so your fish colors will look true to life.  Interestingly the signature wide spectrum violet/blue is still present.  If you are growing freshwater plants, this is a very valid option to consider.

Luca's Recommended 24" Wide SPS Tank Lighting Combinations

3 Meso Blue and 2 Tropic Sun:  The choice of frag farmers and SPS addicts is all about growth and the full spectrum.  Slightly blue look with accurate color rendering.  All bases are covered, this combo is a workhorse.

3 Meso Blue and 2 Reef Crest Daylight: This combo produces the widest violet/blue spectrum and has the right amount of white to provide dimension and contrast in the tank.  Actinic and royal blue pop will have the corals showing off their best colors.  This combo defines the modern blue look without going all windex crazy.

2 Meso Blue, 2 Tropic Sun, 1 OG Pop:  This combo allows you to have a full spectrum lighting for the daytime hours that will have a blue dominant look and you can view your corals under just the blues to get that pop.  Tons of actinic and blue pop.  The addition of the OG really balances the all-blue look.

2 Meso Blue, 2 Reef Crest Daylight, 1 OG Pop: Let's go super blue and super pop, shall we?         I have a feeling people with Tenuis will really like this setup. The pop will be intense and vibrant.  

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