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Budget Lighting Redefined

Affordable Performance



Coverage and perfect spectral blending for a uniform blanket of wide-spectrum light is the foundation for the Quanta Meso Blue.  Each light bar covers an area up to 18" wide.  Two lightbars on both sides of your main lighting will result in uniform light intensity and reduce harsh shadows. 


Linkable Lights

The only budget light bar that offers a combination of wide blue spectrum and an affordable price.  The Quanta Meso  Blue provides actinic and royal blue pop in one fixture so your corals can look fabulous.   

Each light bar adds roughly 50 PAR to an average reef tank.  We made the LED layout to ensure efficiency so each watt of power goes a long way; the individual LEDs are driven at a low current to avoid heat generation.  

One of the best features of the Quanta Meso Blue light bar is the ability to link multiple lights together.  With each light purchased you get the choice of an 8.5' long cord or a 24" linking cable.  Clean cable management further enhances the value of the Quanta Light Bar. 

Clean Appearance

Easy Operation

Simple on/off operation.   No switches to burnout.  Hurricane-rated weatherproofing means a simple splash of saltwater doesn't kill your lights.  Lightweight design ensures easy mounting on your existing tank's lighting.  

All black casing makes blending in a Quanta light bar with your existing light set-up easy.  The low gloss black case is also salt water-resistant.  Design and aesthetics come together to set Quanta light bars apart from the completion. 

Free Mounting Options 

Why would you have to pay for mounting options?  How about throwing them in for free?  That's what we figured a hobbyist would want that is what we did.  Let's go a step further and develop 3-D print files for even more free mounting options.  

Quanta Specifications

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