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Simple Innovative Lighting

Engineered to Grow a Thriving Reef


Spectrum First

Quanta lights were designed from the ground up for the health and well-being of the coral growing within your tank.


With four engineered spectrums to choose from, you can create almost any look you desire for your reef tank.


And you don’t have to worry about the technical details.  All spectrums were designed to complement each other and grow colorful, healthy corals.

Influenced by Nature

 We analyzed the spectrum of sunlight at depths that corals are collected from. 


Our biggest takeaway... Reef hobbyists deserve a light that better recreates the sunlight that corals receive in the wild. 


Our lights are inspired by nature and deliver robust coral growth, color, and health.  We call that a win-win.


Blending & Coverage

Quanta lights are designed to address some of the issues surrounding current LED lighting. Improper LED blending and incomplete coverage create shadowing and inconsistent light spectrum.  Our lights provide full tank lighting coverage and innovative spectral blending that deliver better results.


Details matter: LED chip design, LED spacing, material selection, and even the reflector lens finish were optimized for performance. To achieve these goals we had to develop patent-pending technology to deliver the spectral blending needed to take the LED lighting market a step further forward.


No compromises.  Expect more.  You deserve it.  

Value & Reliability

Lights do not need to be complex and confusing to produce a beautiful SPS-dominated reef tank. Our lights are designed to the IP67 weatherproof standard so if an accident happens, your light keeps on working. Simple on/off operation allows you to control the lights however you would like.


Rest easy that Quanta lights can take the abuse that the normal reef tank can throw at it and just keep working.


With a simple design and direct-to-consumer supply chain Quanta lights deliver performance and value.


Free Open Source 3D Print Files

We believe in giving information for free, which for the hobbyist adds value and innovation. Unique open source mounting options, light bar connectors, and even cord management files are available to maximize your experience with both the Quanta Pro and Quanta LED light bars.

IMG_4799 (1).jpg

Quanta Pro & Quanta Introduction

Quanta Pro

Quanta Pro-light bars are built to a performance and durability expectation, not to a profit margin.  Quanta Pro light bar's combination of spread and PAR are unmatched in today's LED light bar offerings. They are designed to be your tank’s primary lighting and with 4 exclusive spectrums, you can custom build your lighting system to fit your needs.  Good-by T-5 and hello Quanta Pro.


Quanta Pro will compete with the most elite offerings the reefing hobby has to offer but with a price that is anything but elite.


The performance reefing lighting option for all hobbyists, Quanta Pro.


The Quanta light bar is designed for easy mounting and easy operation. The only full spectrum blue light bar offered at budget lighting prices makes the decision easy.  Designed to withstand hurricanes because you shouldn’t have to worry about your lights getting wet or dropped.


Quanta combines rugged construction and wide spectrum blue light to redefine what to expect in an entry-level light bar.  Your corals deserve better and so do you.

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